This is a Wheeler underdrain system that has been retro fitted with a product that does not require supporting material. The product is inserted into the hopper of the Wheeler underdrain system in two separate parts. The retro fit unit is held in place with a toggle bolt. The toggle bolt runs through the center of the retro fit unit down through the porcelain thimble located at the bottom of the Wheeler hopper. It is then tightened to a point as determine by the manufacture.

It is apparent that this particular installation was a failure. On this particular project, the retro fit units were removed and replaced with the All Service Liner™ and porcelain spheres. The ALL SERVICE LINER™ gets the porcelain sphere back into their original position. Our liners do not have or require any part of it to be fitted into the porcelain thimble or “orifice” to retain it or line it up. It is our opinion that anytime you insert any object in to the orifice you are restricting the flow rates and increasing the backwash pressure on the underdrain.

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